Coaching and Philanthropy Project

Our first link is a great document that we recommend to the coaches we train. This report outlines the impact on the effectiveness of not for profit organisations when funders provide coaching support for their staff members. The research was conducted, and the report compiled, by Compass Point Nonprofit Services on behalf of Geofunders.

The report contains a wealth of useful information about coaching in the not for profit sector, and is accompanied by a set of valuable tools targeted at not for profit organisations, grantmakers and coaches themselves. The topics covered include assessing your organisation’s readiness to benefit from coaching, making the case for coaching internally, how to select appropriate external coaches, identifying when staff members will gain the most from a coaching intervention, and how to evaluate coaching programmes.

Why we love it

One of our team, a former grant-maker, is always talking to us about this report! He found it really useful, as it was published the same year as he started his coaching practice. It reassured him that he was on ‘the right track’ with his activities, and his dedication to working exclusively with not for profits. We asked him to sum up why he loves the report:

“An excellent, comprehensive document that provides accessible information on the ‘Coaching and Philanthropy Project’, led by Compass Point Nonprofit Services on behalf of Geofunders. This practical research initiative was designed to ‘assess and advance coaching as a strategy for building effective nonprofit organisations.’ An invaluable resource for helping to define and ‘make the case’ for coaching within an organisation, and to external funding bodies.”

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