Our history

We have grown as coaches because of ideas and resources that have helped us. We look forward to sharing more of the same for those visiting this site. Coaching Story grew out of a coaching initiative launched by a consortium of International Non-Governmental Organisations (INGOs) in 2010 which provided remote and face to face coaching to humanitarian managers based in ten countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.We saw real evidence of personal and professional development from among the participants who adopted a coaching approach as part of their leadership style.

The evaluation showed the resulting benefits for their teams and programme quality. It was evident how coaching enabled the participants’ learning from the programme to be translated into new work-based behaviours with increased self-awareness and confidence.

From this we realised how powerful it would be to grow the number of coaches within a country and region, in order to:

  • scale up the success of such performance initiatives and individual development opportunities
  • unlock latent potential within teams, organisations and communities.

In 2014, members of the Coaching Story team jointly established and co-ordinated the Start Global Coaching Network, work which continues to date. This initiative has provided an opportunity to work with approximately 100 INGO managers, developing their coaching skills and expertise, and supporting them as they themselves coach humanitarian colleagues, in both their own and partner organisations.

Coaches have had the opportunity to participate in coaching skills workshops in Kenya, Jordan, Bangladesh, and Goma and have received regular support through ‘coaching the coach’ sessions, conducted using Skype by a small team of highly experienced coaches familiar with working with a diverse international client group.

Our leading role in devising, co-ordinating and implementing these successful multi-agency initiatives over the years has led to the Coaching Story team being asked to deliver coaching training and related follow up activities to organisations independently, including a pioneering scheme to develop in-house coaches for World Vision in Kenya.

We aim, through this website and our collaborative activities, to provide on-going support to the dedicated new coaches we have worked with since 2011, and to enable their own remarkable coaching journeys and inspiring ‘stories of impact’ to be heard more widely.

Join us as we continue our global adventures.