Our values

The heart of Coaching Story


We are generous and openly help others, especially those who cannot easily access what they need to. We have been helped by many people who have supported us to explore and develop our ideas and experiences and we acknowledge their models and methodologies when sharing them with others.


Our work is not about us; it is about what we enable in others. We celebrate the vulnerability and sensitivity that often goes with strength of character. Our network of coaches can do the same for others and create a buzz of stories of impact across the world that show deep reserves of resolve, to act genuinely in service to others.


Boldness in what we believe in and the stories we tell on the power of coaching.


Enabling others to explore and flourish and open up to the experience of coaching. We will support our participants to find their style as a coach and link in to the best of what is being written on the subject. There is a distinctiveness about Coaching Story whilst at the same time respecting the semi-permeable boundaries it has with other powerful work already done on coaching which we contribute to.


Threshold is about an ‘openness’ to change and step forward… A coachee that asks for coaching is often ready for something to happen in their lives. Our way of working is to acknowledge with care that ‘opening’ and help them to bring their inner sense to a point of tangibility for them that will enable shift and change. The balance between structure and creativity enables them to find new ways of looking at their approach to life and for change to take form through determined actions.


We are about coaching for the ‘real’ world: coaching people who find themselves working in tough situations, challenging locations and often with difficult stories to tell.


We have seen coaching work across cultural divides, across sectors and at varying levels in organisations. It brings about change from within both within individuals, teams, organisations and communities.